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ABC Covered Muslim-Hate Hoax to Make Muslims Look Like VICTIMS


ABC News revealed just how leftist it is recently when it covered news about Muslim hate crimes that turned out to be hoaxes. They covered the stories because the Muslim community was concerned that such reports would “discredit and de-legitimize” real Muslim hate crimes.

Apparently we’re supposed to feel sorry for Muslims when Muslims create hoaxes about hate crimes.

ABC recently reported that after the two hate crimes were determined to be false, the Muslim Public Affairs Council was allegedly concerned that these “few false reports” would “unfairly discredit and de-legitimize the dozens of real anti-Muslim hate crimes and instances Islamophobia out there.”

“The way our community is treated in the media is unfortunately very monolithic,” Rabiah Ahmed, MPAC spokeswoman, told ABC News.

“When one person acts out — whether it’s making a false report or some other type of bad behavior — it’s often looked upon as if the whole community is responsible for it, and it’s saddening,” Ahmed continued.

Let’s talk about what’s really saddening here, and that is the classic leftist move of making a criminal look like a victim. For years, liberals have turned drug dealers, welfare queens and crooked politicians into victims by blaming someone, or something, else.

One recent false report was made in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where a female University of Michigan student allegedly reported she was attacked by a man who threatened to set her on fire if she did not remove her hijab, according to The Michigan Daily.

In a separate case in New York City, an 18-year-old woman allegedly reported she was harassed by an angry, drunk man shouting “Donald Trump!” on a subway, according to the New York Daily News.

ABC News reporting that these kinds of lies will discredit real anti-Muslim crimes illustrates how far gone the mainstream media actually are. Instead of reporting about the fake hate hoaxes and exposing liars, they would rather attempt to turn their audience against decent, middle-class Americans people by calling them racist bigots.

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