Beyoncé ‘Most Charitable’ Giver to THIS Hate Group


Beyoncé better hope she is never in need of a police officer to come to her aid. The local heroes, having stellar character, will do their duty, but they do not deserve her disrespect!

A New York City-based non-profit group,, has named Beyoncé Knowles the most charitable celebrity of 2016 due to her donations to Black Lives Matter and to “gender equality” organizations. The anti-police celebrity was named on the “Celebs Gone Good” list along with 19 other stars.

The Celebs Gone Good list is supposed to showcase celebrities who “use their fame and influence to create positive change,” Breitbart notes. Encouraging hatred of law enforcement officers while increasing the racial divide in America does NOT make the pop singer worthy of an award – at least it shouldn’t.

After the police-involved shooting deaths of two black men in July, the singer penned an open letter directed at American law enforcement.

“We are sick and tired of the killings of young men and women in our communities,” Beyoncé wrote in an open letter on her website, which obviously appeared to be directed at police officers. “It is up to us to take a stand and demand that they ‘stop killing us.’”

“Beyoncé topped this year’s list for using her platform to bring light to a variety of causes including representation of black women in popular culture, the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, and gender equality,” said

The website added that she “also put the spotlight on the #BlackLivesMatter movement by sharing the red carpet at MTV’s VMAs with the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and Oscar Grant III.”

Heralding Beyoncé Knowles for highlighting the deaths of young black men killed by the police AFTER they had resisted arrest or committed a crime turns a law and order issue into a black and white issue. Unfortunately for the singer’s flawed liberal narrative, not all of the police officers who protected society, and themselves, were white. Also, Martin was not killed during an altercation with police officers.

Beyoncé did not welcome to her stage the grieving widows and children of slain police officers. The singer was one of the most political and controversial celebrities named to the charitable group’s list this year.

In February, the 35-year-old singer inflamed heated tensions between Black Lives Matter protesters, many of whom would more aptly be labeled as rioters, when she performed her song, “Formation,” during the Super Bowl halftime show.

She and her backup dancers dressed in Black Panther Party costumes while singing and dancing to a song which clearly seemed to glorify those who disparage or attack police officers.

The dance routine and the release of the song sparked strong calls for a boycott of Beyoncé’s “Formation” world tour. Many police officers no longer wanted to work on security details for the pop singer. She later mocked the local heroes by selling “Boycott Beyoncé” merchandise at her shows.

When the video was released for “Formation,” the singer’s anti-police sentiments became even more obvious. The video showed her sitting on a sinking police car. She and her husband, Jay-Z, made a $1.5 million donation to Black Lives Matter and several “social justice”groups.

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