Biblical Prophecy Exposes ‘Two-State Solution’ As Nonsense


It is hard to imagine a body of anti-Semites sitting in a nation that is allied to Israel working so hard to destroy that sovereign nation. But this is the United Nations, an innocuous group of one-world thinkers — supported largely by the U.S. taxpayer — who ignore Scripture and are void of all prophetic knowledge and the plan God has for his very special people — the Jews.

When the British met the Minutemen at Lexington, it made history in what has been coined “the shot heard round the world.” Not since then has there been anything like it — but wait, now there’s President Obama’s parting shot against the nation of Israel, our strongest Middle Eastern ally.

This is also history, howbeit grossly profane.

After he labeled us all gun-toting, Bible-clinging angry citizens, Obama has remained true to form. In his final act of disdain for our history and heritage, he called for our representative to the U.N. to abstain from the vote, which essentially puts Israel at the mercy of the rest of the world — a world with even less knowledge of the prophetic destiny of Israel than our outgoing president.

We believe that history is made wholly by nations acting out their part in a developing world, but Scripture say nations create history based on their ignorance and rejection of the prophetic message of the Bible. The immutable maxim here is that when politics meets prophecy, politics always loses.

Prophecy is the predeterminate will and counsel of the Living God, and it cannot be altered by men.

Examples abound.

The world thinks it will come to a place that by applying itself to discourse and a bit of wishful thinking we will all sit down and talk our way into world peace.

The Bible is not so naïve and tells us the hard truth. Men will continue to war and fight until the day when Christ enters our history again. (Mark 13: 7)

In fact, beside the wars and rumors of war taking place around the world, there will be a final lunge toward Israel by many Arab nations that will utterly fail and a final gathering of all the armies of the world in what is well known as the battle of Armageddon. That battle will end with the annihilation of every single participant in the conflict. (Ezekiel 38, 39; Revelation 16: 16)

World peace brokered by the U.N. — do not hold your breath.

In the interim we can only hope that after the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump, he will remedy the infamous vote of the U.N. by whatever means needed, including defunding the world body to keep it from interfering with our allies.

It is a sad day when we have to hear Israel’s Sephardic chief rabbi, Yitzhak Yosef, declare that the “U.S. has forsaken Israel” and that now they must all stand alone with the help of God alone. While that is surely enough, it doesn’t say much for our trustworthiness throughout the world and it speaks volumes about the worst presidential administration in our entire history as a nation.

The “two-state solution” is the pipe dream of warring and troubled nations that need to look much closer to the mess in their own backyards.

If this all sounds hopeless — not to despair, the entire world will be plunged into peace, but not until the rightful ruler, the Lord Jesus Christ, returns to take his throne. He is “the Prince of Peace.” (Isaiah 9: 6)

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