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‘Black Lives’ Thug Finds Trump Supporter Stranded In Blizzard, Makes SICK Move


“Black Lives” thugs upset at the election results seem to have forgotten about human decency in their mindless quest to get their way.

Troy Brown is a Black Lives Matter supporter who has cultivated an intense hatred for Donald Trump. When he saw a stranded motorist in an Ohio blizzard, he was going to stop to help until he saw a Trump sticker on the car’s back bumper.

Instead, he decided to post a picture of the stranded individual on social media with the above, sarcastic, rallying cry. His actions after his abandonment of his fellow American are indicative of the type of attitude that has been rewarded in Obama’s America.

This type of welfare-class, “what’s-in-it-for-me” mindset began after Obama took office. Mr. Brown even tagged a number of famous people in this tweet in an effort to get his 15 minutes of fame.

In all, such a smorgasbord of names, including Oprah Winfrey, Wendy Williams, Black Entertainment Television (BET), and even Tomi Lahren, was tagged in this man’s cynical attempt to become the latest social media rock star. Being a jerk never paid off so well.

He has also copyrighted the hashtag #CallYoPresident and was attempting to sell merchandise with it. There is no question his motives are money and selfishness.

When he was asked why he posted this picture, he simply replied, “I believe in peace and harmony.” Really? Tell that to the individual who was stranded in that snowstorm who you blatantly passed by just because of her support of Freedom of Speech!

Tell that to the tens of millions of people who supported Donald Trump because they still believe in our country and don’t want to see it taken over by far-left policies. Even the most junior GOP intern would be able to tell you that it is because of Obama’s policies that Donald Trump was elected. Obama failed. Get it through your thick skull!

Of course, I suppose this man is angry. I suppose that is probably why he is attempting to make a name for himself by cultivating hatred for white people by simply passing this Trump supporter by who was stuck in the snow. Racism does still exist in this country, and there is no excuse for any blatant racism this man has experienced.

But unless this Trump supporter directly hurt him, he is without excuse in this situation. He should have done the classy thing and stopped and helped. He came off as a thug instead.


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