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BOOM! Donald Trump Just Issued THIS Perfect Response to Obama’s ‘3rd Term’ Insults


It’s no secret that Obama has it out for Donald Trump, but he’s taken it too far by claiming that he could’ve beat Trump in the election.

But Donald Trump issued a great comeback on his Twitter, saying that there was absolutely no way Obama could’ve won against him. He gives great examples as to why.

Obama on a CNN podcast by David Axelrod, stated that he could have won with a “message of optimism” that would have won over Trump’s “populism.”

What exactly would his message of optimism have been? “Hey, America, sorry I screwed you over all these years, vote for me again and I’ll make it better”? There’s no way the American people would have fallen for that.

If Trump had gone against Obama even when Obama was looking for his first term, Trump still would have won. Sure, Obama appears to be different than usual career politicians, but against Trump he would have always looked like the real career politician he is!

They also would have had similar platforms, because even Obama gave promises about building up something to strengthen our borders touching Mexico. Almost like a wall. Of course, he never did it.

But today? After years of Democrat disappointments and failure, there’s a reason why Hillary Clinton lost so badly. Actually, there’s multiple reasons but one of them is that people were tired of the way America was being run by the Democrats.

Of course, the “polls” which we all know can never be trusted again, show that Obama would have technically won against Trump. But they said the same thing about Hillary Clinton, and it didn’t turn out too well for her.

The American people’s main concern with this country is the magnitude of illegals and refugees in this country, the struggling economy, the threat of terrorism, the burden of welfare, and Obamacare– which came directly from Obama’s leadership.

And he really thinks that he could have won a third term? We might as well throw a match on America and light it on fire at that point! People elected Donald Trump because it’s time to put America first.

Obama can believe whatever he likes, and the mainstream media can cook up whatever make-believe polls their hearts desire. Liberals can go ahead and continue to stick their heads in the sand, which is very mature by the way. But this doesn’t change anything, we elected Donald Trump.


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