BOOM! Republicans Once Freed Democrats’ Slaves, See Why Dems Haven’t Changed at All


Though the Democrats would argue they are the champions of civil rights, they always conveniently forget a few details.

Liberals, the current rules of the DNC would call such a statement ludicrous, but a stroll back through history reveals a lot about the Democrat Party. There are some shocking similarities between how Democrats want to treat Americans and how slave owners treated their slaves. 


Way back in 1857, the United States Supreme Court was packed with Democrats. The Dems were in the majority when the highest court in the land was tasked with deciding whether or not Dred Scott was a citizen… or if he was property.

According to a Federalist Papers report, the Supreme Court case involved deliberations over whether or not black people could actually BENEFIT from slavery. Of course, that’s disgusting to my ears as a conservative. Black Americans remained enslaved until the 13th Amendment was inked by a Republican president with the strong support of a Republican Congress in 1865.

Democrats held fast to their racist beliefs even after the Civil War. Southern Democrats tried to circumvent Jim Crow laws, which were supported by the GOP to ensure full freedom and liberties to black Americans and protect them.

In February 1866, Republican Representative Thaddeus Stevens introduced a bill to give all former slaves “40 acres and a mule.” Democrats staunchly opposed the legislation and were led in their angst by President Andrew Johnson.

Several months later, Republicans garnered the support necessary to override President Johnson’s veto on the bill designed to give former slaves a fresh start at life as free Americans. When the House passed the 14th Amendment to give full state citizenship to former slaves, 100 percent of Democrats in Congress voted against it!

The 14th Amendment was eventually adopted by the states in July 1868. “The reason for the adoption (of the 14th Amendment)…was because of…discriminating…legislation of those states…by which they were punishing one class of men under different laws from another class,” said then Illinois GOP Representative John Farnsworth.

Racism by the Democrat Party continued throughout the 19th century and on into the 20th century. Republican President Theodore Roosevelt came out strongly against the tolerance of racism and violence against black Americans by Democrats in December 1906.

“There is but one safe rule…that is, to treat each man, whatever his color, his creed, or his social position, with even-handed justice…Reward or punish the individual on his merits as an individual. Evil will surely come in the end to both races if we substitute for this…Every lynching means just so much moral deterioration in all the children who have any knowledge of it, and therefore just so much additional trouble for the next generation of Americans,” President Teddy Roosevelt said.

Democrat President Woodrow Wilson segregated the Navy. General Dwight Eisenhower was forced to battle Democrat-led racism in order to supply black American soldiers with guns.

It was President Eisenhower who ordered the desegregation of pubic schools in Washington, D.C. after the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision. The president sent federal troops into southern areas governed by Democrats to escort black students to school after resistance to desegregation hit a fever pitch.

Democrats kept black Americans dependent upon their “owners” or “masters” in order to eat, have a place to live, and clothe themselves, giving only mediocre medical care when the need arose during the years slavery was legal in the United States. If you replace the words “owners” or “masters” with federal government, not much has changed at all in regards to the philosophy the Democrat Party employs towards black American citizens!

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