Can Donald Hire His Daughter Ivanka In The White House?


In recent weeks we are a witness of some intensified speculation that Donald Trump plans to include his daughter Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, in the administration of the White House.

There are rumors that Jared Kushner may work out of the West Wing, including advising the president on foreign policy, while Ivanka Trump may host White House events and play a role in policies affecting working mothers.

Nevertheless, if Donald Trump chooses to hire them, we have some suggestions for how he could meet the minimum requirements of the law.

We all know that Congress forbade public officials to hire family members in agencies or offices over which they have authority. According to this, the president must have an anti-nepotism role and be an example for others.

That means that the president mustn’t hire daughters and sons-in-law as prohibited employees.

The New York Times reported that there are those who disagree with this view: They point to a 1993 decision by the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit involving none other than Hillary Clinton. That three-judge opinion discussed whether President Bill Clinton violated the anti-nepotism statute when he allowed his wife to head a health care panel. Two of the judges speculated – illogically in our view – that Congress did not intend to include the White House. The third judge argued vehemently that that made little sense. The Court ultimately did not decide the question, resolving the case on other grounds.

The ideal — and honest — solution to this legal question would be for President Trump to ask Congress to amend the anti-nepotism statute to allow the president to appoint a limited number of relatives to formal positions in the White House. And given that Trump’s party controls both houses, it seems unlikely that they would hesitate to give him what he wants.

Over the past week, the Trumps have been taking some steps toward eliminating conflicts of interests, including closing Mr. Trump’s personal charity and killing a few international deals.

But if Donald Trump insists on having them work for him in the White House, he should do so in a way that respects the law, and the dignity of the Oval Office.

What is your opinion about this? Did you approve Trump to hire his daughter and son in law in the White House?

source: nytimes.com

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