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Charlie Sheen Faces Backlash On Twitter For Post Calling For Donald Trump’s Death


With the death of Debbie Reynolds on Wednesday, many have noticed the rising number of celebrities who have passed away as of late. On Dec. 28, Charlie Sheen took to Twitter to ask God to take one more person in 2016: President-elect Donald Trump.

“Dear God, Trump next, please!” he repeatedly tweeted.

Shortly after he posted the message, people on Twitter began shaming Sheen for wishing death upon another human being.

“Wishing his death?” one tweeter asked. “Really? How low can you people be?”

“No matter how bad life gets, I never actively root for someone to die,” said another tweeter. “That is a truly evil soul.”

One columnist called Sheen “unpatriotic” for his remarks.

“Highly offensive, inappropriate, and unpatriotic,” said Joseph Steinberg. “You gave the middle finger to God.”

Joseph John “Pags” Pagliarulo, the conservative talk radio show host, also spoke out against Sheen’s words on Twitter.

“Through your ridiculous decisions and horrendous choices, everyday Americans prayed for you,” he tweeted. “You just a lost a lot of us. #Sick.”

Sheen did not immediately respond to requests for comment after he faced backlash on Twitter.

He is not the first celebrity to speak out against President-elect Trump. Alec Baldwin notably called him “the most reviled candidate in our history,” while Madonna said his election victory felt like someone had just died.

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