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Comedy Star Says American People Will Give Trump What He Wants From Them


Noting that President-elect Donald Trump has a good track record of getting what he wants, comedian Norm Macdonald suggested Thursday that Trump will get what he wants from the American people.

“I believe there is a good chance that Trump will become a beloved President,” tweeted Macdonald, a former cast member of Saturday Night Live.

“Trump wanted money,” Macdonald said in his next tweet. “He got it. Women. Got them. Power. Got it. It is clear what Trump wants now, love. Don’t bet against him getting it.”

Thursday was a political day for the Canadian-born Macdonald, who tweeted out a series of thoughts on the presidential election.

In one he noted the work of Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway.

In several, he examined why he believes Trump won and Hillary Clinton lost.

Macdonald had noted in the past that his former show, Saturday Night Live, was open to charges of bias in its treatment of Trump.

He said that if “Donald Trump is displayed as an idiot all the time and Hillary’s not, then it shows they’re out of touch with what people think, and it’s just not fair.”

Macdonald had also noted that as a campaigner, Trump seemed to be above the usual rules.

“Nothing has hurt him at all,” he said in a March interview. “Candidates after candidates go after him and get crushed and then the press has sort of stepped back now. The press is sort of just laughing all the time, you know, you just keep laughing and then all of a sudden the guy’s the president.”

“If he wins the nomination the base will be so electrified that I don’t see how he doesn’t steamroll over Hillary (Clinton),” he added in that interview.

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