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Greta Van Susteren Makes A Surprising Announcement Concerning Her Career


Greta Van Susteren, formerly with Fox News, has intimated that she may soon be returning to television.

On Tuesday, she posted the following tweet saying she “may be back.”

When Van Susteren suddenly announced her plans to leave Fox News, there were questions as to why she was leaving.

Without going into details, Van Susteren remarked that Fox News no longer “felt like home.”

In a tweet on Wednesday Van Susteren said she was ready for a new adventure.

Despite rumors that she will be joining the team at MSNBC, Van Susteren has yet to reveal where she will go or when she will take that step.

Her fans quickly responded to the news of her possible return.

One follower tweeted:

Responding to the rumor that she will go to work for MSNBC, one follower expressed her displeasure.

Sources at The Mirror are saying that Van Susteren, who spent 14 years at Fox News, is set to join the team at MSNBC. She would reportedly be given the 6 p.m. Eastern time slot.

Van Susteren added on Twitter, as yet, she has not signed a contract with anyone.

She further indicated that she has been on sabbatical long enough and will likely make her decision within a week.

When asked about the possibility of her returning to Fox News, Van Susteren said that “train has left the station.”

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