Harry Reid Made a HUGE Mistake Right Before Leaving Congress, It’s DEVASTATING


Once, Harry Reid pushed through “the nuclear option” to thwart the Republicans from representing their constituents. That very move is now coming back to haunt his Liberals peers just as Reid makes his long overdue exit from Congress.

He was warned that he and his fellow Democrats would one day regret this, but the arrogant Nevada Senators ignored the sound words of advice.That day has now arrived. The nuclear option will allow the Republican-controlled Senate to turn bills into law by a simple majority of 51 votes and not the super majority which requires 60 votes of approval, as Biz Pac Review notes.

Harry Reid’s nuclear option requiring only 51 votes to pass measures in the Senate coincided with exactly the number of seats Liberals held at the time. Now, the Republicans control both the House and Senate – which will allow them to easily pass all of the items President-Elect Donald Trump’s agenda, if the career GOP politicians have the nerve, of course.

Should any GOP Senators jump ship and a rare tie occur in the Senate, Trump’s agenda will still survive a nuclear option vote. Vice President-Elect Mike Pence holds the tie-breaking vote!

At least in public, Liberals are not willing to admit they are kicking themselves over following Harry Reid’s urgings on the nuclear option vote. At the time, Reid claimed the extreme rule change was necessary because the GOP was engaged in “unprecedented obstruction.”

Apparently saying “NO!” to  economically unfeasible Obama dictates is obstruction. The Republicans were following the Constitution and doing the job they were elected by We the People to do – which they can now do even more easily thanks to Harry Reid.

“If Republicans want to go on record supporting radicals, that’s their decision and they will have to live with it,” Kristen Orthman, a spokeswoman for Sen. Reid, said. If its radical to put Americans first, than so be it.

Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley claims he has “absolutely no regret,” over Reid’s nuclear option. Charles Schumer, the incoming Senate Minority Leader, doesn’t appear to have been all that eager to accept the nuclear option.

Schumer reportedly wanted to keep the super majority vote threshold for both cabinet and Supreme Court appointments. Either his peers in the Senate did not share his concerns about the future when Republicans would be back in power, and felt Liberals would always be able to maintain a majority in the Senate, or were just too afraid of Harry Reid to vote against his plan.

One Liberal Senator, Richard Shelby from Alabama, tried to warn his fellow Democrats they were engaging in short term thinking when voting in favor of the nuclear option. They ignored his wise words as well, and totally ignored the big picture when placing their votes.

“Democrats won’t be in power in perpetuity. This is a mistake — a big one for the long run. Maybe not for the short run. Short-term gains, but I think it changes the Senate tremendously in a bad way,” Senator Shelby said before the vote was taken in 2013.

Following both the text and the spirit of the Constitution while putting America and Americans first, would only be considered a radical concept by Liberals who have sipped far too much of the Kool-Aid handed out by the members of the politically correct far-left contingent in Washington.

Democrats will now be at the mercy of Donald Trump and the elected public servants across the aisle for at least the next four years –and they have only themselves to blame!


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