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House Passes Bill to Overturn Obama’s “Midnight” Executive Orders


As President Barack Obama has attempted to push through his agenda in the final weeks of his presidency, congressional Republicans have taken substantial moves to block him.

In particular, the Midnight Rules Relief Act, which would allow Congress to repeal in a single vote any rule finalized in the last 60 legislative days of the Obama administration, passed the House on Wednesday.

The legislation, which passed by a vote of 238-184, was largely supported by Republicans on the second day of the new Congress, according to The Hill.

The act, an amendment of the Congressional Review Act, would allow lawmakers to bundle together multiple rules and overturn them en masse with one resolution of disapproval.

Upon surviving the House, the legislation now goes to the Senate, after which, if approved, it would pass to the president’s desk.

The current administration has already threatened to veto the bill if it were to make it to President Obama’s desk before he leaves office, but there is a good chance the bill would not reach the White House until President-elect Donald Trump takes over.

Some critics have claimed that the Midnight Rules Relief Act would allow Congress to undo several rules without any consideration of their individual merits.

However, the legislation’s sponsor, Calif. Rep. Darrell Issa, argued that it would be beneficial and more efficient than the current Congressional Review Act that has only seen one successful repeal of a rule in 16 years.

“All this legislation does is allow for us to dispose of one or more regulations in an expedited fashion in this body and have it seen in the same form in the Senate,” Issa said, according to The Daily Caller. “It doesn’t change the underlying law.”

The House, the Senate and the president all still have to agree on the resolution in order to repeal rules they consider “unnecessary.”

In an official statement, Issa further called the legislation important for “accountability, transparency and ensuring job creators aren’t being crushed by droves of new regulations just before a president leaves office.”

Rep. John Ratcliffe applauded the passage of the act in the House, saying it was needed to combat the “slew of regulations being churned out in the Obama administration’s final days.”

We agree and couldn’t be more excited to see the new Congress taking a stand against Obama’s legacy of executive overreach.

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