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Huckabee Shares Advice For Obama After Recent ‘Insult To Hillary Clinton’


President Barack Obama’s assertion in a recent podcast interview that he believes he could have defeated President-elect Donald Trump if given the opportunity has sparked widespread discussion this week.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, one of the many GOP hopefuls to compete against Trump in the 2016 presidential primary, offered some advice to Obama in the wake of his controversial statement.

Calling the comment an “insult to Hillary Clinton,” Huckabee suggested the lame-duck president should hold his tongue when he feels compelled to weigh in on his successor and certain other hot-button political issues.

Referencing the 2004 film Anchorman, he advised Obama to “take a line from Ron Burgundy, that great television anchor: ‘Stay classy.’”

Huckabee’s admonition came after he expressed even harsher disapproval of the Obama administration’s decision to abstain from voting on a United Nations resolution condemning Israel for building settlements in disputed territory.

“Silence is agreement,” the former governor said, “and by the U.S. being silent and abstaining, they did agree to it. And I do think they helped orchestrate it.”

Calling the situation “very embarrassing” for America, Huckabee insisted the Obama administration is “trying to push Israel into accepting borders that would essentially be a suicide pact if Israel ever should agree to it.”

To bolster his point, Huckabee noted the effort by Palestinian leaders to deny the very existence of Israel.

“Here’s what I’d love for President Obama to do,” he said. “Go to Israel or go to the Palestinian territory, either one. Pick up a map made by the Palestinians and look for Israel on the map. You know what you won’t find? It’s not on there. You know why? Because the Palestinians don’t think Israel should exist.”

Huckabee went on to trace Israel’s claim to its homeland back to “the time of Abraham,” noting its modern claim “goes back to the 1920s.”

The current effort to divide the nation, he said, relies on misleading rhetoric including frequent references to Israeli communities as settlements.

“These settlements are not tent cities,” he clarified. “They are very established, well-built neighborhoods.”

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