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Huckabee Wants to Take a ‘Jackhammer’ to THIS Anti-Trump Group, Do You Agree?


The former governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee, went on Fox News to discuss the United Nations, which has recently angered many people.

According to Huckabee, the U.S. should just get rid of the United Nations!

This is in light of the Security Council voting on Friday, 14-0, to condemn Israeli settlements on the West Bank and in East Jerusalem.

Many Americans are angry that Obama broke with longstanding tradition to veto such resolutions, which could have stopped it. Many Obama supporters are now turning their backs on the president over this issue. Better late than never.

Obama and his administration have been strongly criticized for their lack of action by both Republicans and Democrats alike. Donald Trump and Israeli leaders have also been vocal about their disagreement.

Donald Trump, on Twitter, criticized the UN, arguing it was “a club for people to get together, talk, and have a good time.” He’s right. It’s a gathering where globalists all get together to pass judgement on regular citizens, without any power whatsoever to enforce their “resolutions,”  as per Breitbart.

Huckabee thinks this resolution is an attempt to force Israel into a “suicide pact,” stating, “They’re trying to push Israel into accepting borders that would essentially be a suicide pact if Israel were ever to agree to it.”

I think Huckabee does have a point with his idea of getting rid of the United Nations. At the very least, the United Nations needs to be fixed, revamped, and redeveloped into something better. Countries still need to talk to one another, and the United Nations is a great tool to do so. It just needs to have all of liberal elite drained out of it.

Also, Obama should have stepped in and vetoed this measure. He broke a promise to the people of Israel after stating he would always have their backs. And then he just fed them to the wolves.

He would rather waste all of the American people’s time, money, and effort on Muslim refugees, regardless of how it affects Americans. But Donald Trump will not abandon Israel, and he will strive to clean up the mess Obama left behind.


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