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ISIS General Escapes Syria, Takes 400 ‘Soldiers’ For Attacks On…


Yes, I am worried that radicals will get into this country through a lax vetting process, and stories like this have me even more concerned about the future of our country.

An Islamic state general has fled to Europe with 400 of his soldiers in tow… and they are disguised as refugees, as per Breitbart.

The general in question is Lavdrim Muhaxheri, and according to reports, the man actually received training at a United States base in the Balkan Islands.

He is also known as Abu Abdullah al Kosova, and he is one of the more public figures for ISIS, having been seen in some very disturbing propaganda videos for them.

Reportedly, this was the mastermind behind a failed attempt to harm the national soccer team of Israel.

Muhaxheri is obviously using the lax immigration controls currently in place in Europe to bring his terror soldiers into the continent and possibly even the United States.

While the number 400 seems like a lot, that is nothing when you consider liberals want to bring hundreds of thousands of these ‘refugees’ into our country in upcoming months.

Not to mention, Obama and company have already allowed tens of thousands of them to arrive, mostly unvetted, onto U.S. soil.

While we have had far too many attacks on our soil, European countries have seen far worse, far more often. The Pulse nightclub and the Boston Marathon attacks were our worst, but that seems to be happening on a monthly basis in Europe.

People need to realize that even just a small number of radicals allowed into this country can end up radicalizing people who are already living here—in essence creating a deadly sleeper cell of terrorists.

Look no further than the attack in Dallas to see how dangerous this poison getting into someone’s mind can be.

If we see an uptick in terror attacks in Europe in the upcoming weeks, I think we need to look no further than Muhaxheri and his 400 soldiers.


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