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ISIS Using THIS Obama Program to ATTACK the United States, It’s Confirmed


Liberals may still refuse to believe this, but proof ISIS is manipulating one of President Barack Obama’s pet programs is more than obvious. Americans with an ounce of common sense in their heads saw this one coming a long time ago!

According to intelligence gathered by both Europol and Frontex (Europe’s border and coast guard patrol agency) ISIS is recruiting asylum seeks in Syria and various Muslim migrants to carry out radical Islamic terrorism attacks. Obama’s welcoming of refugees will backfire! Some of the Islamic State recruits have already found their way into Europe, Europol reports.

“Syrian refugee diaspora may become vulnerable to radicalization once in Europe and may be specifically targeted by Islamic extremist recruiters,” the Europol report stated. More attacks in the European Union should be anticipated, either by lone wolves influenced by ISIS or terror groups, the report goes on to state.

“We have to be vigilant, since the threat posed by the so-called Islamic State (IS) and returning foreign fighters is likely to persist in the coming years. These people are trained to use explosives and firearms and they have been indoctrinated by the jihadist ideology,” Gilles de Kerchove, EU Counter-terrorism Coordinator, said.

The counter-terrorism experts also stated an “effective response” to the threat most assuredly called for a “comprehensive” approach to the potential attacks and a “long term commitment.” Barack Obama and his Liberal minions claim ISIS has been weakened and is on the run, but the victims of the myriad of bloody attacks which have occurred in 2016 would most likely not agree with such an assessment.

“In addition to France and Belgium, all other EU Member States that are part of the US-led coalition against IS may be targeted by terrorists led or inspired by IS,” the Europol report continued.

“The most probable scenario is the use of the same modus operandi, including the same types of weapons, used in earlier attacks.”

Individuals living in the European Union have been warned ISIS is expected to launch radical Islamic terror attacks from Libya, the report also notes. Hillary Clinton infamously claimed a diplomatic victory in Libya, stating no blood was spilled during the peaceful regime change.

Clinton conveniently forgot about the Benghazi terror attack when patting herself on the back for her “success.” The counter-terrorism experts who compiled the intelligence report on ISIS also believe the same methods used to carry out terror attacks in both Syria and Iraq, i.e. car bombs, kidnappings, and extortion, could likely begin happening in Europe as well.

ISIS fighters could already be living among us. Obama welcomed tens of thousands of Muslim refugees onto American soil. Even though the FBI testified before Congress, our current vetting system is filled with holes, which leave effectively verifying even the identity of asylum seekers or illegal immigrants difficult, the President still “resettled” these potentially dangerous people among us.

The extreme vetting promised by President-Elect Donald Trump will likely begin almost immediately after he takes office, less than one month from now. Trump’s vow to put the safety of America and Americans first will protect us and our families from future ISIS militants from being welcomed into the United States with open arms — but cannot shield us from possible trained terrorists already here.


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