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JUST IN – Journalist HUMILIATES Anti-Trump ‘Experts’ With EPIC 1-Sentence SLAM


The latest doomsday scenario experts have played with is whether Donald Trump could start a nuclear war with a tweet. While “experts” say he can, Brit Hume shut them down.

He questioned their rationale. A nuclear catastrophe “caused by a tweet” has never happened, so how can anyone be an expert on it? Methinks these “experts” are just looking for another way to attack Trump.

The original poster who claimed this doomsday scenario could be instigated by Donald Trump’s agile fingers is a gentleman by the name of Greg Sargent. A cursory look at the comments after Hume’s reaction reveals a number of things about Sargent’s track record.

First of all, he is a typical liberal. He has developed a track record for being thin-skinned, and people who dare to question this individual’s position usually get themselves blocked.

It is this type of ignorance that led to the election of Donald Trump in the first place. In their race to salvage their pride, liberals have blamed the rise of Donald Trump on everything but what actually led to it. Although it’s a novel concept for liberals, how about that he was simply a better candidate than Hillary Clinton?

This leads me to my second point, which is the fact that Greg Sargent is inherently nothing more than a sore loser. A quick look at his Twitter wall reveals that he literally accuses Donald Trump of everything in the book in a cynical quest to make him look bad.

One of his most laughable posts would be “Memo to Media: Stop Giving Trump the Headlines He Wants.” Oh really? What a joke this man is! Last I checked, the “liberal news media” only served as a roadblock for the plans Trump has for restoring our country.

If you doubt this assertion, then consider the following statistic: per a Harvard study, 77 percent of press coverage against Donald Trump during the general election was negative. Compare this to the scandal-ridden Hillary Clinton only garnering 64% negative coverage, and you realize a couple of things.

First, media bias is alive and well. Second, this man Sargent has no idea what he is talking about. Part of me is angry with this man, and part of me is astonished that someone could be this ignorant about world affairs, but a part is also rather pleased with these developments.

You see, the fact this individual is so bent on attacking Trump plays right into our hands. Considering there are even Democrats now seeking to work with the incoming administration, these senseless attacks are only going to make liberals look bad. Trump is going to start a nuclear war with one of his tweets? Really? How much further could these people sink?

H/T angrypatriotmovement.com

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