Liberal College Students Find Out Girl Supports Trump, What They Did Next Is SICKENING


Liberals always seem to preach acceptance and non-judgmental rhetoric until it’s against someone they know or believe to be a Trump supporter, and then they viciously attack.

Andi Moritz was looking for someone to share a ride with to go to a Donald Trump campaign event, but then liberals pestered and verbally attacked her so much that she called her college’s suicide hotline, via

These people said things like, “Nobody has the right to an opinion of bigotry. [Zero] tolerance for fascists!”; “You want to go campaign for a man who has systematically oppressed entire ethnic/racial groups not to mention the LGBTQIA+ community and many others,”; and “Why y’all doing this free labor for white supremacists tho.”

She stated she called the hotline because she needed someone to talk to and because she was very sad. “I wanted out of that college,” she said. She wanted to get away from the people attacking her—all because she was a conservative going to a Trump event.

Moritz, 18, has struggled with anxiety and mild depression since high school, and anyone who has ever had to deal with this knows how tough it is to overcome. And it’s only made harder by people’s hatred, condemnation, or their lack of understanding.

This kind of cyberbullying is meant to isolate a student and label them as a thing to be spat upon and ridiculed. Did these liberal imbeciles care about their persecution of her? No, of course they didn’t—her opinions didn’t match with theirs.

“People did say things to us that you would call insulting,” said Sean Egan, president of the University of Pennsylvania College Republicans, who has faced ridicule similar to Moritz’s. “If you tried to talk about something substantive [with liberal students], it would turn into ‘He’s a racist.’”

Many conservative students are surrounded by liberal college professors and students, and they have to hide their opinions and keep them to themselves. That’s not a way to live—to keep things inside or to fear being attacked.

It’s ironic that liberals preach “love trumps hate” yet attack students for being conservatives or for voting for Donald Trump. They’re the ones who spread the hate in this world more than anybody else, yet they refuse to acknowledge it. So much for diversity of thought.

So, conservatives deserve hate and condemnation because you assume they’re racist? No, it doesn’t work like that. Labeling someone a racist doesn’t mean they are one or make them one. Labeling and demeaning their beliefs does not negate those beliefs. Hating each other and attacking those who disagree with you does not change anything. You’re just encouraging division and destroying communication.

Moritz recently started working at an animal shelter and is looking for another college to attend to escape the abusive liberal rhetoric that was forced upon her. Both liberals and conservatives need to stop arguing and work on making this country a better place. Like it or not, Donald Trump is our president for at least the next four years, and—believe it or not—conservatives are human beings too.


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