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Lifelong Liberal SWITCHES to Republican in Emotional Letter Tucker Carlson Read On-Air


This Christmas, many Liberals are quieting down to re-examine Trump’s election. Some are actually having epiphanies.

One former liberal’s letter recently appeared on the Tucker Carlson show. The emotional letter said, “November 8 and its aftermath revealed to me that I am just so tired of these people. I can’t be like them, and I don’t want my kids turning into them.”

In this letter, this woman told us that she is tired of the “contempt” that many liberals feel for average Americans. This woman did not want to be named for fear of reprisal and that tells you everything you need to know about her Liberal friends and family.

I’ll admit that I feel a sense of companionship with this writer, because I haven’t always been so conservative. Had I been old enough to vote, I would have supported Bill Clinton. I’ve voted for Bush, Romney, and Trump, but I’ve also voted for Kerry.

Believe it or not, I actually admired Barack Obama for a short period of time simply because he was the first Black president, which I thought was quite the accomplishment. However, President Obama is so incredibly beholden to politically correctness and Liberal ideology that he is devoid of all common sense.

The first sign of trouble for me was when he went on his apology tour. It was, of course, a classic liberal ploy to make America the bad guy.

The person who wrote this letter has a huge task ahead of them. They are a parent so, naturally, they want to raise well-adjusted children. They are quickly seeing that liberalism is such a flawed ideology that you can’t raise your children by its principles.

For a liberal, all truth is relative. There is nothing that is unchanging truth. They don’t even seek truth out, distracting themselves with feel-good social statements and conversations about how tolerant and right they are about how wrong everyone else is. There is no self-reflection among these people.

In fact, Donald Trump won was because he stands for Americans, whereas Obama and Hillary do not. Trump had appeal for so many people because he took the time to connect with each of them. His outreach is one of the main reasons so many people are now reexamining their long-held political beliefs. Could it be time for a new “Reagan Revolution”? All signs point to yes.

On this glorious day of our Savior’s birth, remember he preached for understanding. Carefully listen to the Liberals in your life, they might be feeling as this woman does and as I once did. Together, we can help them.


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