More Than 80 Conservative Leaders Jointly Urge GOP Congress To Keep Campaign Promise And Repeal Obamacare


The Conservative Action Project released a memo Friday entitled “The Time to Repeal Obamacare is Now” signed by more than 80 leaders of the conservative movement calling on the Republican Congress to keep its campaign promise to the American people and repeal the fundamentally flawed law.

As reported by Western Journalism, President Obama plans to meet with Democrat lawmakers on Capitol Hill next week to plot how to thwart efforts to repeal one of his administration’s few legislative accomplishments, even if it was passed by the dubious means of budget reconciliation.

Among the noteworthy signatories to the CAP memo urging Republicans not to waver on full repeal are former Reagan administration Attorney General Edwin Meese, Club for Growth president David McIntosh, American Values president and former Reagan administration official Gary Bauer, Focus on the Family founder James Dobson, Liberty Counsel president Mat Staver, Western Center for Journalism president and former Young Americans Foundation executive director Floyd Brown, and current CAP chairwoman and former Reagan White House adviser Becky Norton Dunlop.

The CAP memo explains, “For the last six years, Americans have endured extraordinary hardship under Obamacare, a thousand-page law of broken promises and failed policies. Sadly, millions of families and individuals have had their insurance plans cancelled and access to their doctors and drugs limited. And they have lacked affordable insurance options.”

The memo outlines some of the Affordable Care Act’s other problems, including “skyrocketing premiums, soaring deductibles, and shrinking health care networks.”

The group recounts that Republicans have promised full repeal of the law since its passage in 2010 and finally put a bill on the president’s desk last December, which Barack Obama predictably vetoed.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said at the time, “Now, is someone named Obama going to sign a bill into law repealing Obamacare? Of course not. But we have now demonstrated that, if we elect a Republican president, we can use this same path to repeal Obamacare without 60 votes in the Senate.”

“So next year if we send this bill to a Republican president, it will get signed into law. Obamacare will be gone — it’s just a matter of time,” he added.

The measure was passed using budget reconciliation, the same means employed by Democrats in 2010 to pass the Affordable Care Act. Budget reconciliation relates to government spending measures and only requires a simple majority vote, not the super-majority of 60 senators normally required to overcome a filibuster. 

The CAP group recognizes in its memo that the next Congress will have only a 52 to 48 majority, which might create an obstacle to immediately eliminating regulations such as those regarding medical insurance.

These insurance regulations “dramatically increase prices and limit access to health care” and the importance of eliminating them “cannot be overstated,” according to CAP.

“If Congress cannot repeal the insurance regulations via reconciliation, it should minimize the penalties for selling non-compliant plans, empowering the administration and the states to create an escape for millions of Americans struggling under the burdens of Obamacare’s insurance regulations,” CAP urges. 

According to a poll conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation a week after the election, more Americans disapprove of the Affordable Care Act than approve of it (45 to 43 percent); however, only 26 percent support its full repeal, with an additional 17 percent wanting it scaled back.

As reported by Western Journalism, Vice President-elect Mike Pence assured a group of conservatives earlier this month that President-elect Donald Trump is going to keep his promise to the American people and repeal Obamacare “lock, stock and barrel.”

“We have asked Congress to put on his desk with all deliberate speed a repeal of Obamacare and replace it with free-market reforms,” he told the group. 

Trump himself reaffirmed this promise earlier this month at a victory tour event in North Carolina, saying “we have no choice” but to repeal and replace the failing law.

Trump has chosen Rep. Tom Price of Georgia, a physician and one of Congress’ fiercest critics of Obamacare, to head the Department of Health and Human Services.

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