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Netanyahu FIRES Back After John Kerry’s “Disastrous” Israel-Palestine Speech – TruthFeed


On Wednesday lame duck John Kerry delivered what many are calling an anti-Israel “disastrous” speech on Israeli-Palestinian relations.

Israel’s Prime Minister ripped Kerry for the shallow, rude speech that made excuses for Obama’s U.N. ambush and then condemned Israel for settlements.

From Washington Examiner:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ripped Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech on Israeli-Palestinian relations Wednesday, criticizing the nation’s top diplomat for blaming Israel for the region’s problems.

“Like the resolution that John Kerry advanced at the UN (Security Council), John Kerry gave a skewed speech against Israel. For over an hour, Kerry dealt obsessively with the settlements and almost didn’t touch on the root of the conflict — the Palestinian opposition to a Jewish state in any boundaries,” a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office read.

In a speech later in the afternoon, Netanyahu said the American-Israeli alliance is born of common values and common government and will survive the current flap with the Obama administration. However, he feels Kerry insulted the entire country by only paying “lip service” to the Islamic terrorism that’s plagued the country since its inception.

“They are the realities the people of Israel have had to endure because of mistaken policies,” he said.

Naftali Bennett, leader of Israel’s Jewish Home Party, said, “Secretary Kerry’s speech is not unlike the Obama administration’s policy. It’s divorced from reality but with good intentions. It’s left the Middle East in flames, genocide in Syria, Iraq falling apart, Iran on a path to a nuclear weapon and abandoning the only free democracy in the middle east, Israel. It’s wrong, it’s immoral, but we will prevail.”

Danny Ayalon, who served as Israel’s ambassador to the U.S. from 2002 to 2005, said Kerry’s speech, while extensive, provided no new solutions and no real path forward for peace in the region.

“No leadership, trying more of the same, which has been a failure for the last 23 years,” Ayalon said on CNN Wednesday.

Kerry’s 70-minute address from Foggy Bottom on the state of Israeli-Palestinian relations was an often angry message from the administration to the Israeli government that settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem must stop. He said those settlements are making a two-state solution in the region untenable and peace is becoming less likely.

The United States did not veto a United Nations Security Council vote last week declaring the settlements illegal, which has caused an uproar among Israel supporters.


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