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Obama Reminds America That He Has No Plans To Go Away


President Barack Obama used his Saturday radio address to the nation to remind Americans Osama bin Laden was killed on his watch and insist that he leaves the nation stronger than when he arrived.

And to build on his legacy, he reminded Americans that when he leaves the White House, he won’t be leaving politics behind.

” … to keep America moving forward is a task that falls to all of us,” he said. “… know that I will be there with you every step of the way to ensure that this country forever strives to live up to the incredible promise of our founding — that all of us are created equal, and all of us deserve every chance to live out our dreams.”

Saturday’s comments continue the theme upon which Obama has focused since President-elect Donald Trump won the election Nov. 8 — that Obama will serve as a voice of opposition if Trump seeks to dismantle his legacy.

Many of Obama’s recent actions, from his sanctions against Russia to the declaration of new national landmarks to his truculent tone with Israel, have been aimed at making it more difficult from Trump to dismantle Obama’s legacy.

Obama’s efforts to make his will live on past his presidency have been criticized.

“His legacy is like one of those dolls that, as the air comes out of it, shrinks and shrink and shrinks,” said former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. “The things he’s done this week will be turned around. … He’s in this desperate frenzy.”

“He’s doing all this stuff as his legacy,” added Gingrich. “If he goes through three more weeks of this stuff, who is the country going to think is the extremist? Trump or Obama?”

Obama and [Secretary of State] John Kerry are like tenants who trash a place as they are being evicted,” conservative Erick Erickson said.

Although Obama wants to remain a major figure, one commentator noted that feeling might not be shared by the Democratic Party.

“As President Obama concludes his reign of error, his party is smaller, weaker and ricketier than it has been since at least the 1940s. Behold the tremendous power that Democrats have frittered away — from January 2009 through the aftermath of Election Day — thanks to Obama and his ideas,” wrote Deroy Murdock in a column published by the New York Post.

“Rather than enjoy a traditional, low-key post-presidency in Chicago, Obama plans to hunker down in Washington, D.C., comment on current events and counsel his party’s candidates and officeholders. Democrats should find this as appetizing as dinner cooked by Typhoid Mary,” Murdock wrote.

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