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Obama Signs ‘Midnight’ Executive Orders, This Will Hurt Americans


What does an inept president do when he is in a “lame duck” status and hasn’t really been that effective throughout his term anyway?

If you answered that he signs a whole host of “midnight” executive orders, then you would sadly be correct, as per the Washington Examiner. Unfortunately, Obama’s last-minute lawmaking prowess is not going to win you over.

To put it mildly, this flurry of activity by Obama is going to result in a sea of additional government regulations and red tape. And it’s no wonder, considering that Obama has already broken the record for this type of big government.

“These five measures alone could impose $5.1 billion in costs and more than 350,000 paperwork burden hours. In addition, three other rules in proposed form could add $898 million in burdens and 146,000 paperwork hours, for a cumulative total of nearly $6 billion in potential midnight costs and nearly 500,000 burden hours from the two agencies,” says Sam Batkins, who is with the government watchdog group American Action Forum [emphasis added].

He continued on to say, “Consider, EPA and Interior have already imposed $349 billion in previous burdens since 2009.”

Obama’s new rules are to regulate methane production on public lands, push through renewable fuel standards, stream protection, new rules for offshore oil and gas leasing, and increase renewable development on federal lands.

In a piece for the Wall Street Journal, conservative commentator Kimberly Strassel said there was a method to Obama’s madness. He is trying to overwhelm the incoming administration with a flurry of new rules that they wouldn’t have time to repeal, including plans for “commodities speculation, immigrant workers, and for-profit colleges — among others.”

Although it would take a great deal of work from President Trump, Strassel suggested that he should send a message to Obama and other lame-duck presidents who might try this “midnight executive order” phenomenon. Trump simply has no choice but to ax every provision Obama makes in his final days as president of the United States.

Of course, Obama has his own motives. He is trying to build on whatever type of legacy he can find, and this would include attacking climate change, but he is meeting new suspicion in Congress.

President-Elect Trump has already promised he will work with Congress to cut regulations. Several house committees are working with him in order to propose a list of areas that could meet the chopping block.

And what better way than to do it this way? Obama has been the king of regulations, and part of the reason that Donald Trump won was because of the public’s frustration over government intrusion into their daily lives. The new administration simply cannot come soon enough.


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