Phoenix media broadcasts armed robbery suspect being shot multiple times by police


At least one Arizona media outlet live broadcast an armed robbery suspect being shot multiple times and collapsing in the middle of the street.

Fox 10 carried live coverage of a U-Haul truck racing through the streets of Peoria and Phoenix for nearly 90 minutes on Thursday.

Police pursuing robbery suspectBREAKING: Police at the scene where a chase involving a U-Haul came to an end. Suspect was shot, according to police.
(Viewer Discretion Advised)

Posted by FOX 10 Phoenix on Thursday, December 29, 2016

In the final two minutes of coverage, the suspect’s truck pulled up to a red light, stopped for several moments before the driver got out an attempted to enter a white SUV in the left turn lane.

As the suspect opened the door, the virtual play-by-play announcer said, “Here we go. Viewer discretion is advised everyone.”

As the man approached the passenger side door of the white SUV, the reporter said, “Oh no…we have a possible carjacking happening.”

The SUV sped away as police officers approached on foot. The man appeared to be shot at least three times and collapsed in the street.

“Police officers are right behind him! Careful!” another announcer shouted. “Viewer discretion is advised! Let’s get out of that,” she said as officers approached and appeared to continue to shoot him as he lay on the ground.

The news station then cut to a night shot of the U.S. Capitol with the male announcer adding, “Alright everyone, that was the conclusion of that replay there.”

12 News reports:

The pursuit ended in Paradise Valley, where the suspect got out of a U-Haul he was driving and appeared to point a gun at a woman in another car with a child in the back seat.

Police then shot the suspect before handcuffing him. Fire officials said officers also used a stun gun, but Phoenix PD spokesperson Vincent Lewis said that was not the case.

The suspect, who was not named, was taken to a hospital for treatment. He is expected to survive.

H/T theamericanmirror.com

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