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Plane Dumps Load of Feces on Woman’s Car and Driveway


A Utah woman was preparing to pick up her children from school when she made a discovery in her driveway that was as horrifying as it was disgusting.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, West Jordan resident Bethany Bowker noticed small, brown, smelly splatters all over her driveway and white Cadillac SUV that were quickly identified as human feces, most likely dropped from a commercial jet flying overhead.

Taking out her cellphone to document the disgusting droppings with pictures and video, Bowker posted to Facebook, “The nice gift left all over my driveway and car from the airline that flys (sic) over our house … chunks of human feces! I want to vomit right now!”

“All those little browns things is (sic) poop,” Bowker explained in the video. “They dumped all of the poop out of the airplane and landed in my driveway.”

Bowker told KSL how disgusting it was, saying, “At first I thought, ‘Wow, some bird really took a dump on my car!”

However, it didn’t take long for her to realize the droppings didn’t come from a bird, nor was this the first time she has claimed that human waste has been dropped from planes onto her property, noting, “This has happened before, but not to this extent.”

West Jordan is located about 15 miles south of Salt Lake City, and Bowker’s home apparently lies directly beneath a flight path to the international airport located there, as dozens of planes fly over her house daily.

“I just want it to stop,” Bowker told the Deseret News of the droppings incident, revealing that she planned to file a report with the Federal Aviation Administration.

According to a statement released by the FAA on Tuesday, the agency “periodically receives reports of blue ice (frozen wastewater) falling on a house. If the person can tell us exactly when and where it happened, we can try to run radar replays to see if an aircraft flew overhead around that time. We don’t provide any advice on how to clean up blue ice.”

As to whether the human waste was dumped purposely, the FAA website would seem to indicate otherwise: “The aircrew cannot dump the wastewater in flight because the waste valve is located on the exterior of the aircraft, and only ground crew can operate the valve.”

However, holding tanks and drain tubes occasionally develop leaks mid-flight, which can result in the so-called “blue ice” — so named because of the blue-tinged disinfected waste freezing at the low temperatures at high altitude — dropping from the sky.

A spokeswoman for the airport stated that cleanup of the mess would be the responsibility of the city, and advised any complainants to contact the hazardous materials cleanup crew for their location.

“I’m just glad I wasn’t outside when it happened,” was all Bowker could really say of the incident overall.

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