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Rabbi Stops Hanukkah Ceremony, Delivers BRUTAL Message Straight to Obama


Since the resolution that was passed by the United Nations, many Jewish Americans have been angry and sad. This Rabbi has a message for Obama about this.

The Rabbi in charge of the National Hanukkah Menorah lighting ceremony used this opportunity to destroy Obama on the steps on the White House, urging the Jews to not despair about the “darkness” the President has brought them. 

Rabbi Levi Shemtov is the executive vice president of the American Friends of Lubavitch, and he gave a speech about the symbolism of the candles and the light that mean so much to the Hanukkah holiday. But then he criticized Obama.

“Secretary Szubin spoke before of fighting darkness with light,” Shemtov said. “I remember those words being spoken to a particular man by the Rebbe [Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson] many many years ago on Simchat Torah.” (Simchat Torah is an annual Jewish holiday marking the conclusion of one reading of the Torah and beginning of another.)

He continued on to say, “The Rebbe told him you are working in a place where there is great grief and darkness, but remember that in that place of darkness, you can only counter it by lighting a candle. By creating light,” Shemtov continued. “That man was Benjamin Netanyahu, and he was at the time the ambassador to the United Nations.” (via the Washington Examiner)

He then brought up the UN’s vote on the Security Council, and the fact that Obama’s administration abstaining from voting and allowing this measure to pass. This has been a stab in the back to many Jewish Americans.

“So as I know that some of us are so sad at what happened there with regard to Israel,” Shemtov said. “We must remember that the way to counter any darkness, any disappointment is not with harsh rhetoric, not with anger, but when we create light, the darkness dissipates.”

This past Sunday was the first day of Hanukkah, which is an eight-day celebration. Usually a member of the current administration makes an appearance to the national ceremony. Last year the Chief of Staff, Denis McDonough, made an appearance. But that’s not likely to happen this year.

The Jewish people are angry with Obama’s administration, and it’s no hard guess as to why. They did nothing while the UN passed this resolution against the Jewish people, and has made peace talks so much harder between them and the Palestinians.

Now the Palestinians believe that they can have their way if they go to the United Nations. If Obama were to serve another term than that may be true. But Obama is currently being shoved out the door, and more and more people can’t wait for this to happen.

Obama is trying everything in his power to make the presidency more difficult for Donald Trump, as if he wants him to fail. This is deeply disturbing, because if our President fails then our country fails. He truly is the worst President we have ever had.


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