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Recent Sanctions Open Obama Up To Criticism Of His 2012 Stance On Russia


In light of the sanctions announced this week against Russia in response for the nation’s reported interference in November’s U.S. presidential election, some of President Barack Obama’s critics are pointing out the notably different attitude he expressed four years ago.

Ahead of his 2012 re-election, Obama taunted GOP rival Mitt Romney over the assertion that Russia is a “geopolitical foe” of America.

“The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back,” Obama said during a presidential debate that year, “because the Cold War has been over for 20 years.”

A tweet posted to the president’s account during the 2012 campaign struck a similarly derisive tone.

That post is gaining some attention more than four years later as many commenters have pointed out the policy shift.

The Obama administration announced sanctions against specific Russian citizens and entities for their alleged involvement in hacking and making public emails to and from top Democratic Party officials.

Additional repercussions included the ejection of nearly three dozen Russian diplomats from the U.S.

Based on the tacit admission that Russia is, at least now, a geopolitical foe, many Twitter users have suggested Romney deserves an apology from Obama.

Even the left-leaning Salon published an article Friday asserting Obama “should have listened to Mitt Romney’s warnings.”

Others suggested the American voters who supported Obama’s 2012 platform bear some responsibility for the current tensions between the U.S. and Russia.

A number of the president’s supporters, on the other hand, noted international affairs can change dramatically in four years.

“Just because it later became true doesn’t make Romney right when he said it,” one tweet read. “The world is fluid.”

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