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Sheriff’s Deputy Made Famous After Paying Off Needy Students’ Overdue Lunch Accounts


Instead of giving each other gifts this Christmas, Cpl. Matt Stoner of the Gwinnett County (Georgia) Sheriff’s Department and his wife, Gabriela, decided to do something special for someone else.

In doing so, they came up with an idea that would impact the lives of several local high school students who were receiving free and reduced lunches due to their parents’ inability to pay full price.

While Stoner and his wife did not want to talk to the media about their good deed, as they did it simply to help and not for any recognition, Stoner’s co-worker, Deputy Shannon Volkodav, told WAGA that the family contacted Central Gwinnett High School and offered to pay off all the lunch accounts that were past due.

Central Gwinnett reportedly had the highest number of students receiving free or reduced lunch, and the Stoner family wanted to ensure that students from struggling families would have full meal access when they returned to school in January, WSB-TV reported.

school-lunch-reciept Christmas donation

In total the Stoners donated nearly $300 to the school to cover the debts of 150 students.

“I thought it was a very creative way to give to families who may be having some financial struggles during the Christmas season,” Volkodav said about her co-worker’s generous donation.

School officials also made a statement about the donation, and said they were appreciative of those like the Stoner family who have helped their students.

“This is just another example of the giving that takes place in our community,” the statement read. “As a school, we are appreciative of those who find ways to give back to the community by helping our students.”

Although the family did not want recognition for their Christmas deed, the sheriff’s department shared it on social media to commend their generosity and inspire others to do the same.

“We share their story of generosity in the hopes that it inspires others to do something kind for someone during this season of giving,” the Facebook post said.

In a time where law enforcement officers are often degraded and accused of being violent and power-hungry, this story showed the true nature of those who serve our communities.

Our nation’s police officers perform good deeds every day they wake up and put on the uniform, and more often than not, their actions go unnoticed and unappreciated.

It’s great to see this Gwinnett County officer being recognized and commended for his generosity.

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