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Six Reasons The Left’s Outrage Over ‘Russian Hacking’ Is The Ultimate Hypocrisy


It was announced Thursday that President Obama would be levying sanctions against Russia for their supposed interference in the 2016 presidential election and, unsurprisingly, Democrats cheered with approval. However, there are a several reasons such a reaction is the ultimate hypocrisy.

1. The Obama administration directly interfered in the 2015 Israeli election for prime minister.

Obama’s disdain for Benjamin Netanyahu has been talked about for quite some time. However, this sentiment came to a head in 2015, when Obama’s State Department took a direct role in trying to oust him as prime minister. According to the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, the State Department bankrolled One Voice Movement, an Israeli political organization, which used the money to directly challenge Netanyahu’s election bid in 2015.

Even worse, the $349,276 used to fund the organization came directly from the U.S. taxpayers. If elections are sacred, then that should apply to all elections, not just our own.

2. The Democratic National Committee defrauded its own voters during the primaries.

As we’ve heard time and time again in recent weeks, elections are sacred, and any assault on our democratic process is a fundamental assault against America. Yet on numerous occasions the DNC actively coordinated to undermine Sen. Bernie Sanders and, by extension, Democratic voters. From the DNC’s collusion with the media — such as Donna Brazile leaking debate questions to the Clinton camp, and media coordination to slant coverage against Sanders — to its withholding of voter rolls from Sander’s campaign, there was only one party rigging the election, and it wasn’t Russia.

What Democrats’ outrage amounts to is not that the election was tampered with, but rather that their own tampering was exposed. If Democrat officials want someone to blame for their loss, they should stop harping about Russia and start looking in the mirror.

3. Democrats fear President-elect Donald Trump will bring about World War III, yet are champing at the bit for global conflict with Russia over an unverified accusation.

Despite what the mainstream media use as their headlines, no U.S. intelligence agency has released any evidence of Russian hacking to date. In fact, when asked by the House Intelligence Committee for a brief on the matter, the CIA declined. Furthermore, although Democrats claim Russia interfered in the election, the fact remains that no votes were hacked.

Whenever Trump has suggested taking a hardline stance against China, ISIS or any number of malevolent world actors, the left has decried him as a loose cannon and a threat to American safety. Yet between Trump and the current administration, only Obama has successfully provoked threats from a major world power.

4. Democrats view “Russian hacking” as a criminal act, yet they knowingly and willfully voted for one of the most corrupt, criminal presidential candidates of all time: Hillary Clinton.

Clinton’s corruption was well documented even before John Podesta and the DNC’s emails were supposedly hacked by Russia, yet Democrats embraced her as a political messiah. From Whitewater and Travelgate in the 1990s to the more recent scandals of Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation, Clinton has been a blight on the American political system.

Thanks to WikiLeaks, the blatant “pay to play” tactics she employed as secretary of state were further exposed and, as a result, many voters declined to support her. If Democrats are going to demand everything be above board, then they need to start holding their own politicians to a higher standard first.

5. Democrats are outraged over the prospect of foreign influence in our election, while ignoring the undue influence from our own media.

According to Democrats, Russia is guilty of “influencing” our election process. Yet between so-called Russian influence and the undue influence perpetrated by the American media, the two aren’t even close. Mainstream media outlets such as The New York Times, CNN and The Washington Post blatantly abused their responsibilities, abandoning journalistic integrity and objectivity on multiple occasions for partisan hackery.

From outright lies to disinformation, the left did their best to dismantle the Trump candidacy and hand the election to Clinton. Considering such misconduct came from our own media, and still continues, it seems we have far greater internal issues than external ones such as Russia.

6. Democrats claim to value transparency, but resent the transparency provided by WikiLeaks.

Democrats claim to value governmental transparency; it’s why Obama vowed to have the “most transparent administration” in U.S. history. Eight years later, with possibly the least transparent administration ever, Obama and fellow Democrats are outraged that their dirty secrets were made public. So why the disconnect? In order for the democratic process to function properly, the citizenry needs to be informed. That means knowing who the candidates are in all their aspects. It’s why the Democrats constantly demanded Trump’s tax returns.

When WikiLeaks published emails from the DNC and Podesta, it exposed Clinton as a crony for Wall Street and foreign entities and a corrupt career politician who held both “public and private positions.” In response, many Americans chose not to vote for her. Without those leaks, the American people would have been left in the dark to make a very bad choice.

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