These 4 CRAZY Fake Images Went Viral and Fooled the World… Did You See Any of These?


Photo editing software and apps have allowed just about anyone with an interest to learn how to manipulate images without much effort. Some of those “adjustments” are fairly obvious, while others are a bit more difficult to identify.

The internet makes sharing such photos easy. While some people share because they can’t believe what they’re seeing, others share because some photos are just too crazy to believe.

Some fake images that have managed to go viral and fool some people are below. In fact, you might have seen one or two of them.

One picture of a central American snake with seven heads went viral with captions of people begging God for mercy. As it turned out, the snake in the original picture had only one head. Whoever edited this photo should’ve practiced a little bit more because the seven-headed snake just didn’t look believable.


Another photo that garnered quite a bit of attention was of a shirtless Russian President Vladimir Putin riding a bear. However, in the original photo, Putin is riding a horse.

Putin wants to world to think he’s tough, but he’s probably not that tough.


Another shot that tricked some people included a giant squid that supposedly washed up on Santa Monica beach in California. The original photo was of a giant whale that washed ashore in Chile.


Another photo that fooled some people included lush purple vegetation surrounding a river on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. While the original photo is lovely, it doesn’t include any purple plants.


From people wanting to make themselves look better to those who simply want to see how many people they can fool, literally thousands of fake photos get posted online every day.

Some doctored images look more real than others, but if something looks too awesome, unbelievable or weird to be true, it probably is.

H/T U.K. Daily Mail

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