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Thug Criminal AMBUSHES State Trooper, Then Armed PATRIOTS Show Up…


The Arizona Department of Public Safety is now investigating an incident of a trooper who was ambushed and shot while responding to a call.

Two good Samaritans stopped and aided the trooper—one man shot the suspect and one stabilized the trooper and requested help on the radio, as per ABC 15.

The trooper was on his way to respond to another call when he arrived at a rollover crash where a woman had been ejected from her car. While trying to block lanes, the trooper was ambushed and shot in the chest/shoulder area by the suspect, who then fought the trooper to the ground.

But two patriots stopped and aided the trooper, who could have died during this ordeal. The man who shot the suspect went to his car to retrieve his weapon and shot and killed the suspect after the man refused to stop attacking the trooper per the Samaritan’s commands.

The other man immediately queued up the radio and said, “Officer down, officer down.” This man was a former medic named Brian Schober who was able to help keep the trooper stable while they waited for helicopter to come and take him and the woman to the hospital. The woman later died from her injuries.

These patriots made sure that the suspect was not getting up again, and Schober stated that if the suspect had gotten up, the man would have again been shot to be kept down. They truly were in the right place at the right time.

Not everyone would have stopped to help this trooper, and many more would not know how, but these two men cared about this officer’s life and stepped in to stop a brutal police death for no other reason than for the uniform he was wearing.

Because one of the men had a weapon in his vehicle, the suspect was not able to kill the trooper or anyone else—instead, the suspect was the one who lost his life. This is why insane gun control laws cannot be enacted in this country—if this civilian had been without his weapon, then he, the trooper, and Schober could’ve died.

Col. Frank Milstead of the Department of Public Safety sincerely thanked the two motorists, saying, “Thank you because I don’t know my trooper would be alive today without his assistance.” We need more people like these two men in the world.

Some people today hate our police officers and state troopers with every fiber of their being and laugh at their deaths rather than mourn. These men and women, however, are deserving of our gratitude and praise because they put their lives on the line every day to serve the American people.

I hope the state of Arizona awards these two men for their bravery and their quick ability to respond to danger, which saved this trooper’s life. This is what true American pride looks like, and I wish more people were willing to step in and defend those who protect us every day.


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