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Trump Considers Making Changes That Will Affect Every Veteran


In an effort to correct the problems facing many veterans while being treated at the Veterans Administration hospitals, President-elect Trump is considering a plan which will allow veterans the opportunity to choose to be treated by private doctors instead of VA physicians.

On Wednesday, Trump met with a group of private hospital executives to discuss the steps necessary to accomplish these changes.

Repairing the VA hospital system is a point that Trump stress often during his campaign for president.

Trump said, “We’re working on something to make it great for the veterans. People are dying. We’re going to fix it properly.”

If his plan is successful, veterans will be able to choose private treatment, government funded healthcare or a combination of each.

An anonymous spokesperson said, ‘We think we have to have kind of a … public-private option, because some vets love the VA.”

He went on to say that while some veterans want to be treated at VA hospitals, all veterans should be allowed to choose. “The idea is to come up with a solution that solves the problem,” the spokesman said.

The VA has had to deal with the issue of prompt and efficient healthcare for quite some time.

A report in 2014 stated that VA hospital executives in Phoenix, covered up the fact that dozens of veterans died while waiting for treatment.

Trump’s plan has met with opposition from the current administration.

Speaking at a meeting of the Disabled American Veterans in August President Obama said, “We cannot outsource and privatize health care for American veterans.”

“Now there are folks who keep pushing this. They don’t always come out and say the word ‘privatize’ but you read what they say, that’s what they mean. And these radical proposals would begin to dismantle the V.A. health care system that millions of veterans depend on every day. And that would hurt veterans,” he added.

Trump’s plan has also been criticized by various veteran groups. In a report from Hot Air, some organizations are pressuring the president-elect to keep Robert McDonald, as the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Two of the names that have been considered for the post are former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown and former executive director of Vets For Freedom Pete Hegseth.

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