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Trump Wishes A Happy New Year To His ‘Many Enemies’ And Those ‘Who Lost So Badly’


President-elect Donald Trump had New Year’s greetings for everyone Saturday, paying particular attention to the people who don’t like him.

The tweet followed one Friday aimed at the media.

The New Year’s tweet was characterized as “audacious” by the New York Daily News and “bizarre” by The Independent in London, which commented that the tweet “again underscored how untypical” Trump is.

Many on Twitter disapproved.

Writing for Mediaite, J.D. Durkin pilloried the tweet.

“One final spike of the football in 2016, a juvenile assault seeping with all of the childish cynicism of a kid who proved his parents wrong and is gyrating wildly on top of the mountain he was told he couldn’t climb,” he wrote in disapproval, adding, “[I]t is simply irresponsible and disgraceful to continue spiking the football of victory while shouting Told ya so, with the honorable legacy of the Presidency on the line in mere weeks.”

However, Trump’s end-of-year tweets have rarely been about sweetness and light.

Although he chose optimism in his 2015 message, others have a similar tone to the tweet issued Saturday.

Trump planned to spend New Year’s Eve at his Mar-a-Lago resort near Palm Beach, Fla.

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