Video Shows Pilot Stumbling Through Security On The Way To His Aircraft


The passengers on a flight from Surabaya, Indonesia, to Jakarta were in for a surprise when the pilot showed up appearing to be inebriated.

A security camera video shows the pilot, identified as Capt. Tekad Purna, stumbling through security, dropping various items, as he makes his way to the Citilink aircraft.

The incident, which took place Wednesday, resulted in the arrest of the pilot as well as the resignation of two airline officials.

The aircraft was scheduled to carry 154 passengers on an 80-minute flight.

Passengers became concerned about their safety when the pilot’s speech was slurred during his announcements.

Several of them exited the aircraft and asked that he be replaced.

After the pilot was removed from the plane, a new pilot took over and the aircraft left for Jakarta.

In a statement Friday, Citilink President Director Albert Burhan announced that he and the production director would resign their positions.

Burhan said, “The pilot had committed serious violation of standard operation procedure that endangered passengers. We apologize for the discomfort. I have to be responsible for that and therefore I and my production director resign.”

A Citilink representative confirmed that Purna has been suspended pending the results of an ongoing investigation.

He will also be required to have a full medical evaluation.

Benny S. Butarbutar, vice president of Citilink, issued an apology to the passengers on behalf of the airline.

“We want to apologize for the delay and the discomfort of the passengers of Citilink Indonesia QG 800 on Dec. 28,” Butarbutar said.

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