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World On Fire Because Obama Created Global Chaos For 8 Years


An expert on terrorism has claimed that Obama’s regime has set the world on fire, but honestly, we didn’t need an expert to tell us that!

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, an expert on national security and the author of the book “Defeating Jihad,” criticized Obama the “global chaos” has wrought during his eight years of presidency, as per BizPac Review.

And it’s true—the world seems to be in the pits of chaos, with unrest and destruction to be had at every single turn. It seems the main themes in the world today are violence, destruction, death, etc.

To make it all worse, right when Obama is on his way out the door, he stabs Israel in the back with the refusal to vote in the Security Council and veto its motion against the Jewish state.

It would seem Obama has made it his goal in life to bring not only America, but the whole world to its knees with his actions. He has effectively ruined our economy and has left many Americans without a roof over their heads and not a job or dollar to their name.

He has shoved Muslim refugees into America, further decimating our country with their often violent religion, and he refuses to acknowledge radical Islamic terrorism, threatening the American people if they have a problem with it.

He gives no regard to our nation’s borders and lets the illegals coming in from Mexico file right in. And because of the liberals following his narrative, we have sanctuary cities cropping up all over the place.

Obama’s allowance of this resolution has condemned the Israeli people who are living in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. He is setting a standard for anti-Semitism that is frankly appalling, and it has shocked many people.

“[Obama and his allies] threw gasoline on the fire,” Gorka stated. “They side with everybody else who really is using the United Nations to execute a form of veiled anti-Semitism. There’s nothing else that you can describe this as.”

Obama is trying to throw Prime Minister Netanyahu down into the mud, most likely because of their vastly different views and Netanyahu’s close alliance with Donald Trump. Obama wants to doom Trump to failure, and he is clearly doing all he can to make sure Trump will struggle for success.

Luckily, Obama will be heading out the door soon, and Donald Trump will be changing almost everything Obama did to this nation as well as the world. He is going to bring in a new era of prosperity and success, and he’s already off to a great start. Sorry, Obama, but your warmongering has been for nothing.


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